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New York


BLT Enterprise presents an Interactive Web Dashboard, based on Cloud Computing, which analyzes and measures the quality, volume and performance of data coming from Landline, Mobile Calls and Internet Services.



  • Highly Cost Effective and Trend Analysis of TLC costs;
  • Easy to use, Interactive and Real Time Data always available;
  • Customized dashboard;
  • Alert Notification System” to deliver business critical information and get instant feedback on the use of landline and mobile phones as well as the Internet bandwidth;
  • Multi-site Management: this suite is capable of interpreting the exchange of telecommunications between each Department and also between different offices of the Company.



  • Deliver Business critical Information;
  • Trend Analysis of TLC costs: real-time deviation of the estimated budget for ICT from the actual costs;
  • Detailed Reports showing the quality of the Services provided to the Customers;
  • ROI guaranteed within 6 months.



  • Timing and Efficiency: response time report of incoming and received calls (Help Desk, Sales Force);
  • Marketing Campaigns: calls to new Customers and Geolocation;
  • Real time data always available;
  • Analysis of the Customers’ Portfolio.



  • Cost control: optimization of telephone (landline and mobile) and bandwidth (DSL) use;
  • Rates Analysis: comparison between consumption and tariff plans with selected operators.



  • ICT Infrastructure: choice of the right size of the company’s ICT infrastructure according to the real use;
  • Data Module: for Qualitative Analysis of the Bandwidth use;
  • Network Failure Rate Analysis;
  • Corporate Traffic E-Mail Analysis;
  • Skype Module: incoming and outgoing calls analysis;
  • Integration with Google Analytics: integrated statistics of the visits to the company’s website.