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Dear madam/sir, we wish to inform you that the Italian Data Protection Act n. 196/03 envisages the protection of individuals and other subjects with regard to the processing of personal data. According to the Italian Data Protection Act, data processing will pursue fairness, lawfulness and transparency principles and the protection of your privacy and rights. Under Article 10 of the above-mentioned Act, we hereafter provide you with the following information on the purposes and modalities for which the processing is intended:

a) Aims: advertisements and current promotional events;
b) It will be carried out with the following modalities: data collection through electronic means, data recording and processing on paper and magnetic support, archive organization mostly in a non-automated form, creation of customers, suppliers or consumers profiles;
c) data will not be communicated to other subjects, without explicitly requested consent.

We also inform you that data conferring is facultative and failing to confer it will not entail any consequences whatsoever.
The processing holder is: [ nome società]
The responsible in charge of the processing (if appointed) is: [ nome società ]
You may refer to the holder of the processing to assert your rights in conformity with D.lgs. 196/03.

The acquisition of the information of D.lgs. 196/03, according to article 11 of the Law itself, allows you to confer your consent to the processing of your personal data.